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Why Is My Electric Bill So Much?

Over the years, you are sure to have noticed increases in your electric bill. But most of the time, you chalk it up to a rate increase or added fees and taxes. Since the 1950s, the average household’s electric bill has increased to be about 13 times what it was 70 years ago. But there […]

My Light Switch Is Crackling When I Turn It On, Is That A Problem?

The only time you use the words snap, crackle, or pop should be when describing the charm and sound of a roaring campfire. If you find that onomatopoeias, words that resemble or suggest a sound, are creeping into your vocabulary to describe your electrical switches, then you have a reason to be very concerned. And […]

How To Avoid Life-Threatening Electrical Fires This Winter

Most folks know the basics of electrical safety in their homes. And while there are a few simple mistakes that are often caused by holiday lighting and excessive use of appliances when preparing a holiday feast, we will not bore you with reiterating common sense warning, other than to say, be smart. You know that […]

Tips For Saving Energy And The Environment

Every homeowner loves the thought of saving money. And when you can save money and be more environmentally conscious, everyone wins. Below are some simple ideas and concepts that will help you save some green for your wallet and planet.

The Hazards Of DIY Electrical Work

Many homeowners think that they have the knowledge and skill needed to complete most electrical repairs and small projects around the house. But the truth is that all electrical work has the potential to turn into a hazardous or even deadly event. One wrong move with a wire, or losing focus for just a second […]

Is It Time To Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Many homeowners have no idea when it is time to consider upgrading their home’s electrical panel. The assumption is that if it is still distributing power throughout the house, then it must be working just fine. But that is not always the case. Everything in your home will wear out over time. And in the […]

Important Warning Signs From Your Homes Electrical System

When you walk into your home and flip a light switch, you expect the lights to turn on. And when that happens, you continue on through the house with no further thoughts about your electrical system. And this is the way any modern convenience is supposed to work. But from time to time, you need […]

How To Conserve Energy During The Coming Holiday Season

The holiday season will be here before you know it. And with it will come, family and friends, who are ready to celebrate, which means some added expenses for food, gifts, and more. So finding little ways to reduce your household bills can be a real lifesaver. And one of the best places to start […]

All You Need To Know About Electrical Panel Upgrades

The first piece of information that you are sure to need is an answer to one simple question. What is an electrical panel? And the answer is not as complicated as you might think. The electrical panel in your home is located where the electrical service enters the house. It runs into the electrical panel […]

5 Annoying Electrical Problems And Their Solutions

While having an electrical issue in your home is undoubtedly annoying, it is not something that should ever be overlooked or undertaken as a weekend DIY project to save a few dollars. The issues that we will be discussing can appear to have very simple solutions. But what every homeowner needs to understand is that […]