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Why Is My Electric Bill So Much?

Over the years, you are sure to have noticed increases in your electric bill. But most of the time, you chalk it up to a rate increase or added fees and taxes. Since the 1950s, the average household’s electric bill has increased to be about 13 times what it was 70 years ago. But there […]

My Light Switch Is Crackling When I Turn It On, Is That A Problem?

The only time you use the words snap, crackle, or pop should be when describing the charm and sound of a roaring campfire. If you find that onomatopoeias, words that resemble or suggest a sound, are creeping into your vocabulary to describe your electrical switches, then you have a reason to be very concerned. And […]

How To Avoid Life-Threatening Electrical Fires This Winter

Most folks know the basics of electrical safety in their homes. And while there are a few simple mistakes that are often caused by holiday lighting and excessive use of appliances when preparing a holiday feast, we will not bore you with reiterating common sense warning, other than to say, be smart. You know that […]