Common Electrical Issues To Watch Out For This Winter

Many homeowners look forward to the cooler winter months and all of the holidays that come in this season. However, no one is looking forward to having electrical problems around their home this winter. But because of the added demand placed on your home’s electrical system by heating, added lights, and the use of other […]

Why Are My Lights Flickering?

Have you noticed that some or all of the lights in your home are flickering? At first, it might have been just mildly annoying. But as you notice this problem more frequently, it becomes more of a nuisance. However, there is more to it than just an odd dimming of your lights. It could be […]

Tips For Cost-Effective Holiday Lighting

Holiday lights are one of the features that most people love the most about the season. And they can be found just about anywhere, from the trees to your home’s exterior. Some very festive residents even carry the mood to their vehicle or boat. And while putting up the lights can be a bit of […]