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If you are on the hunt for a licensed, friendly, & professional electrician in Waldorf, Maryland, you have come to the right place! Here at Circuit Doctors we provide electrical installations, service, & repairs for residential properties. Whether you are seeking to upgrade electrical panels, remodel your entire home, or have a new ceiling fan installed, we’ve got you covered. Whether you are located in Waldorf, or any city in Northern Virginia or the great state of Maryland, we can provide you with affordable electrical services. We understand that the hunt for the RIGHT qualified, licensed, and fairly priced electrician is a hard one. You likely want someone who is qualified, who is efficient, who won’t waste your time or cost you unneeded extra expense. That’s where we come in! From the initial phone call to the final visit and every step along the way you’ll see why more customers choose Circuit Doctor to be their local electrician in Waldorf, Maryland, than any other company online.
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Now at this point I am sure you have considered calling one of those companies that advertise 75, 100 or more years in business but then you realized the technician coming to your house is probably not 100+ years old. On average a homeowner will have a need for electric service once every 3-5 years. The unfortunate reality oft times is you don’t know if you have received bad service until the electrician has completed the job on your home, the money has been spent and the repairs are suspect. I understand the situation you find yourself in today.

I have listened to the unfortunate accounts of many people just like you, who have suffered at the hands of someone who lacked integrity or knowledge or skill. You want an expert, one that arrives in the time frame that is promised, who is friendly, efficient and above all not in a hurry to just get to the next job. Perhaps you need a qualified electrician to troubleshoot your home electric system or you need an electric service “heavy-up” performed and an old unsafe service electric panel removed. Maybe you have a new hot tub that needs to be properly and safely wired. Or you want a ceiling fan installed but don’t want it to wobble and fall on your head later. Perhaps you have an older home that needs rewiring or a newer home that needs fixtures updated. Whatever you need, from ceiling fans to circuit breakers, from outlets that don’t work to electric panel replacements and everything in between, Circuit Doctors® Electric Services is here when you need help. With 35+ years experience, a Master’s Electrician’s license, and the testimonials of many satisfied clients, you can rest assured that you are always getting the best possible value for your money and time spent.

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Our licensed electricians can perform any & all electrical services including:

When you call on Circuit Doctors you can expect:
Dealing with an electrical issue is never easy and is often filled with stress and worry. Especially In the event of an electrical emergency. We understand that when disaster strikes and you need an emergency electrician in your Waldorf home, you don’t want just any electrician. You need Waldorf’s finest, most friendly, understanding, and fairly-priced electrician. You need Circuit Doctors. We are proud to offer some of the finest quality of workmanship in all of Charles County. We have made the satisfaction and well being of our customers our #1 priority since we opened our doors. It is this dedication to honest service and high quality electrical work that has allowed us to build the reputation we are known for today. Whether you have a small or large project that requires the work of a licensed Waldorf electrician, rest assured we have the tools, skills, and experience for the job. Below is a list of some of the most commonly requested services we provide:
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We Are Proud To Provide Quality Electrical Services

If your home is suffering from the effects of an old and outdated electrical panel it may be time to consider an upgrade or complete replacement. Issues such as flickering lights, sparking or discolored power outlets, a persistent burning smell, or even slight shock or tingling when you touch your appliances are all signs that your home’s electrical panel is due for upgrade.

There always seems to be a laundry list of to-do items when owning a home. One of those items on the to-do list might be the installation of a ceiling fan. Whether you are replacing an old fan with a new one (like one with lights) or want to have a ceiling fan installed where one has never been before, an electrician from Circuit Doctors Electric Services, LLC can handle your ceiling fan installation in Waldorf MD.

Did you know that the circuit breaker panel in your home is one of the most important parts of the home? The home is an intricate working of wires, pipes, insulation and other material that can easily cause appliances and light fixtures to fail.
Are you tired of taking a hot shower in the winter only to deal with a room full of steam that has clouded the mirror? You either need to have an exhaust fan installed in the bathroom or have your current exhaust fan replaced.
Do you live in one of the many older homes in the Waldorf, MD area? If so, you will want to have an experienced electrician take a good look at the wiring system of the home. You might be living in a home with outdated wiring that poses a safety risk to you and your family.
Circuit Doctor in Waldorf, MD recommends having GFCI outlets installed in all of your home’s wetrooms, including your kitchen and bathrooms. GFCI outlets are now required by electrical code for added safety in any area that could experience moisture.

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4.9 Rating


5.0 Rating