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Circuit Breaker Replacement Waldorf MD

Did you know that the circuit breaker panel in your home is one of the most important parts of the home? The home is an intricate working of wires, pipes, insulation and other material that can easily cause appliances and light fixtures to fail. A circuit breaker’s main job is to trip when there is a short in the line in an effort to reduce the risk of a fire. When a circuit breaker trips it turns the power off to the item in the home that it feeds electricity to, such as an appliance, light fixtures, outlets, and backup generators. The team at Circuit Doctors Electric Services, LLC prides itself on performing skilled, dedicated, and experienced electrical work for all of our clients on a regular basis. The same can be said when working on a circuit repair project for your home or office. With more than 35 years in the electrical field, we have just about seen it all, including the most overcrowded or improperly wired circuit breaker boxes out there. There’s no project too little or too large for our electricians, so be sure to contact our office for your circuit breaker replacement in Waldorf, MD project so you don’t continue having to deal with the breakers tripping during a storm or when you try to use a hair dryer or other appliance.

Why Choose Circuit Doctors?

Whether you are in need of a small electrical job like a new ceiling fan or lighting installation or a larger scale project like an electrical panel replacement we can do it all. Below are just a few of the reasons customers choose Circuit Doctors to be their go-to electrician in Maryland.

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Replacing a Circuit Breaker

If one of the circuit breakers in your electrical box continues to trip there could be a serious issue with breaker or even the panel itself. If so, only a licensed and experienced electrician will be able to diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs. Circuit breakers are meant to protect your home from sparks and fires. They shut off the power when there is a problem sensed so that no more electricity flows to the affected appliance or outlet. This most often happens during a storm or when there is a power surge in the area of your neighborhood. Once the electrician determines that the circuit breaker needs to be replaced he will begin the project. The power will need to be cut to the entire home for the duration of the project so that there is no risk of electrocution. The breaker in question will be removed from the panel, including any wiring that is broken, burnt, or no longer works properly. The electrician will then install new wiring when replacing the circuit breaker. The wires will be connected to the breaker, the power turned back on, and the breaker activated. A test can then be performed to make sure the outlet or appliance run by the breaker works properly before the project is deemed a success.

Signs You Need Circuit Breakers Replaced

Circuit breakers can fail easily. They can also last quite a long time without having to be replaced often. Either way, you should know the signs that you need the circuit breakers replaced in your electrical box. Some of the most common signs that a circuit breaker needs to be replaced includes appliances that perform poorly, lights that flicker often, appliances and essential lights have suffered damage, a smell of something burning coming from the panel, the breaker does not remain reset when you reset it, the breakers are simply old and the breakers frequently trip for any and all reasons. The biggest threat to your home when leaving a faulty circuit breaker installed is that a fire will occur. As we all know a fire can easily ruin a home in a matter of minutes, causing smoke, water, and other damage to the point of no repair. If you notice any of the warning signs of a bad circuit breaker mentioned here you need to have an electrician perform service immediately.

Benefits of Circuit Breaker Replacement

Aside from preventing a fire from starting due to a faulty breaker, there are plenty of other benefits to having circuit breaker replacement in Waldorf, MD performed by a licensed and experienced electrician. Some of those benefits include appliances that run properly and to full strength, lights that stay fluid and do not flicker, lights that do not go out at random times, the ability to use a hair dryer while the washing machine is running and more. A new circuit breaker will extend the life of your light fixtures and your appliances as the risk of these items being fried during a power surge is reduced dramatically with a new circuit breaker installed. You will also have a more convenient life with properly working circuit breakers because your lights and appliances will work each time you on a switch, plug them into an outlet, or hit the power button on the appliances.

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Have the circuit breakers in your electric panel been tripping a lot of late? If so, it’s time to call an experienced electrician to take a look at what could be wrong. The electric panel might need to be replaced completely, the wires might need to be replaced, or the breaker could be bad and need to be replaced. No matter what is wrong with the panel or breaker our electrician will be able to diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs so you can enjoy life again. Call the office today to schedule an appointment for circuit breaker replacement in Waldorf, MD at 301-710-6218 with a Circuit Doctors Electric Services, LLC electrician.