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Generator Installation

Living along the East Coast in Maryland can be a coin flip when it comes to the weather. The winters can be absolutely brutal and the spring and summer seasons can be even more devastating. From snow and ice storms in the winter to heavy rains, tornadoes, and potential hurricanes/tropical storms in the spring and summer; there are plenty of chances for weather to cut your power for days at a time. You don’t have to live in the dark, or go find a hotel that still has power after a storm when you have a generator installed in your home by a licensed electrician. You have two options when it comes to having a generator installed: automatic and portable. An automatic generator will switch on after a set period of time without power in your home. A portable generator will need to be wheeled outside your home and plugged into an outlet to power the home. Make sure you NEVER run a portable generator inside your home, not even in your garage. This can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

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