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EV Charger Installation in Waldorf MD

In today’s day and age, our cars can do things that seemed like a fantasy only a few decades ago. If you’re using an electric vehicle, then it’s likely that you need an EV charger installation in Waldorf.

Utilizing the ordinary outlets in your home as a charging source is an inefficient strategy that can hog up your outlets for several hours at a time. Call Circuit Doctors if you need your electric vehicle to be charged more quickly and in an easier manner.

Circuit Doctors provides the most reliable Electric Vehicle charger installation in Waldorf. We guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction and our many clients can attest to our quick, efficient, and easy service!

Dial (310) 710-6218 to speak with an electrician from Circuit Doctors about installing an electric vehicle charger today. We are prepared to guide you through the process of choosing a device that is compatible with both your house and your electric car.

How Do I Know What Kind of EV Charger I Need?

The capacity of an electric vehicle to recharge quickly depends on two factors: a home’s electrical supply and the EV charging equipment used. There are three distinct levels of EV chargers. The slowest chargers are those at level one, while the fastest chargers are those at level three. You can count on Circuit Doctors to walk you through the entire process when you need an EV charger installation in Waldorf.

Slow and Steady Charging

A level 1 charger is included as standard equipment in any electric vehicle purchased today. Because they plug into a standard outlet found in most homes, these chargers should only be used for overnight charging at a moderate rate.

A Little Faster But You’ll Need a Hand

Installing level two chargers requires a licensed electrician, but they complete the work more quickly. Faster charging of electric vehicles necessitates a 240-volt circuit devoted to these chargers. Each hour of charging with a Level 2 charger can extend the range of your vehicle by about 70 miles! When it comes to charging at home, these are the most common choices.

It’s Off to The Races!

Level 3 electric vehicle (EV) chargers are the most rapid chargers now on the market; however, because they require a sizable power source from an industrial setting, it is challenging for the typical family to install one. When using these chargers, the battery of an electric car may be charged to roughly 80% capacity in approximately thirty minutes. In most cases, it is not possible to install a Level 3 charger in a residential setting.

What’s The Right EV Charger For My Home?

The process of determining your needs in order to charge your electric car at home is the first and most significant step in the process. While a lot of people are happy to let their car charge overnight on a level 1 charger, a lot of other people would rather have the freedom that comes with a level 2 charger instead. Regardless of what you decide, our team can help with any and all EV charger installations in Waldorf.

We will assist you in determining the safest way to proceed with the Electric Vehicle charger installation by considering the following questions:

When Circuit Doctors visit your home, you can expect timely and polite service. Our personnel is punctual, well-trained, and guarantees your satisfaction.
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