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Electrical Upgrades / Code Compliance

Are you selling your home? If so, it will need to go through a host of inspections before the transaction can take place. If inspections fail, the repairs need to be made and subsequent inspections need to occur that yield passing results in order for the sale to be approved. One of the inspections will be conducted by the building official and one by the fire official. Both officials will look at the electrical system of the home. They will take a look at outlets, appliances, the circuit breaker panel, grounding outlets and more. If you are hit with any issues related to the electrical system of the home the issues will need to be repaired in order to receive a passing inspection at a later date. An electrician in Waldorf, MD will be able to review all of the items that failed, make the necessary repairs, install new items and be present when the subsequent inspection takes place in the event of any issues arising.

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Whether you are in need of a small electrical job like a new ceiling fan or lighting installation or a larger scale project like an electrical panel replacement we can do it all. Below are jut a few of the reasons customers choose Circuit Doctors to be their go-to electrcian in Maryland.
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