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Electrical Heavy Ups in Waldorf, MD

As a home ages and technology advances, there often comes a time when a home’s electrical supply ceases to provide enough power. The use of modern, more demanding electronics like smart TV’s, new refrigerators, and upgraded air conditioning systems can increase demand substantially. So it’s easy to see why increasing the available electricity supply is eventually a good idea. If you are considering an electrical upgrade or what is commonly referred to as a “heavy up” in your Waldorf home, the team here at Circuit Doctors can help!

What is a heavy up?

The term heavy up came into use during the rising popularity in home renovations. The term simply means to increase the amperage flowing into a home by upgrading the service panel. It is necessary to upgrade the service panel so that your home’s electrical system can both handle and receive an increased electrical load.

For most homes built in the lasat 20 to 30 years, a heavy up is usually not necessary during a renovation or to accomodate the use of modern appliances. However, homes that were built before the advent of modern electrical appliances such as TV’s, dishwashers, washers & dryers, heating and cooling systems, computers, heated pools & hot tubs, and modern refridgerators, are good candidates for a heavy up.

Why Choose Circuit Doctors?

Whether you are in need of a small electrical job like a new ceiling fan or lighting installation or a larger scale project like an electrical panel replacement we can do it all. Below are jut a few of the reasons customers choose Circuit Doctors to be their go-to electrcian in Maryland.
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Does Your Home Need A Heavy Up?

Below are some of the common issues that might occur if your home has an insufficient electrical supply and is a good candidate for a heavy up or electrical upgrade:

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When you decide that the time is right for a heavy up in Waldorf, MD, it is important that you choose the right electrical contractor for the job. You likely want someone who is proficient, licensed, professional, and affordable. We take great pride in the fact that Circuit Doctors is amongst the most highly reviewed local electricians in Waldorf. We price our services affordably, have been licensed in the state of Maryland for over 35 years, and engage in every service call with the level of professionalism that our customers deserve!

Below is a list of some of the benefits of upgrading your homes electrical system:

Better Overall Electrical Performance –put an end to flickering lights, flipped breaker switches, or blown fuses once and for all! A heavy up performed by the right electrical company can do wonders to transform your homes comfortability and ready it for the future.

Increased Safety –35 years ago electrical panels were designed to supply electricity to homes at any cost. Safety was an afterthought as safety standards were much lower than they are today. Newly designed panels move safety to the forefront right alongside functionality and effeciency. Reduce the risk of electrical fires and constant electrical issues byt upgrading your home’s electrical system today!

Future Proof Your Property –one inherent downside to old and outdated electrical panels is the fact that any additional circuits would require a larger service panel. Undergoing a heavy up will give you options and control over your home’s electrical system. So whether you need to add a few new outlets, an entire HVAC unit, or want to build an addition to your home, you’ll be covered.