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Ceiling Fan Installation Waldorf MD

There always seems to be a laundry list of to-do items when owning a home. One of those items on the to-do list might be the installation of a ceiling fan. Whether you are replacing an old fan with a new one (like one with lights) or want to have a ceiling fan installed where one has never been before, an electrician from Circuit Doctors Electric Services, LLC can handle your ceiling fan installation in Waldorf MD. installing a ceiling fan might look like an easy project, but as with all electrical projects, it should only be handled by a licensed and experienced electrician and no one else. You don’t want to wind up shorting out the wires already installed where the new fan will go and you might not know how to run wires to the room where the fan is going to be installed. An experienced electrician can tackle any type of wiring problem they might come across when installing a ceiling fan in any room of your Waldorf, MD home. The next time you want to replace a ceiling fan or have a brand new one installed in your home it’s important to schedule an appointment with an experienced electrician who prides themselves on excellent customer service and performing superior work the first time.

Why Choose Circuit Doctors?

Whether you are in need of a small electrical job like a new ceiling fan or lighting installation or a larger scale project like an electrical panel replacement we can do it all. Below are just a few of the reasons customers choose Circuit Doctors to be their go-to electrician in Maryland.

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Replacing an Existing Ceiling Fan

If you already have a ceiling fan somewhere in your home that you want to replace the first thing you need to do is browse through the options on the market. Almost every ceiling fan available today has lights on it. This adds a new feature to the room without having to run more wires or cut into the ceiling to add recessed lighting. The fan already installed will need to be disconnected and removed. The electrician will turn the power off to the area to avoid being electrocuted during the project. The fan will then be removed from the ceiling and can be put out for trash. The new fan can now be installed. The electrician will make sure the wires from the ceiling match the wires from the fan. If a new outlet needs to be installed for the fan and the lights on the fan to work properly then the electrician will install one for you. Before leaving for the day the electrician will turn the electricity back on to make sure all of the fan’s features work properly before leaving the work site. If you’d like the the old fan that was removed to be installed in another room of the home, our electrician can install it for you as part of the job.

Installing a Ceiling Fan in a New Location

Another service offered by Circuit Doctors Electric Services, LLC is installing a ceiling fan in a new location of your home. For example, maybe you want to add ceiling fans in all of the bedrooms of the home that have never had ceiling fans in the past. This will be a big project, more than likely taking one or two days to complete. The electrician will need to cut into the ceiling, run wiring from the bedrooms to the electrical box, and add outlets and switches for the new ceiling fans. These switches should only be used for the ceiling fan and the lights on it and no other light or outlet in the room. Once the new fan is installed the electrician will turn the power back on to the affected rooms and test the fan to ensure it runs properly.

Repairing a Broken Ceiling Fan

Broken ceiling fans are no fun. You won’t get the cool breeze you desire during the warmer months of the year and you won’t be able to remove the stagnant winter air. Another issue with a broken ceiling fan is that the lights no longer work. Maybe you’ve tried replacing the bulbs and maybe you’ve checked to see if the circuit breaker has tripped. If none of these fixes work, it’s time to call an electrician. There could be serious issues with the ceiling fan, such as the wiring no longer works properly. The wiring might need to be replaced completely between the circuit breaker box and where the fan is installed. Or, it could be a simple fix where the wires have come loose between the ceiling fan and the electrical box in the ceiling. Either way, our electrician will be able to diagnose the issue and make the necessary repairs so your ceiling fan is back in working order in no time, providing you the comfortable air you’ve to which you’ve become accustomed.

Schedule a Ceiling Fan Replacement Today in Waldorf, MD

Are you ready to have a new ceiling fan installed in your home? Do you want to have an older fan replaced with a new one featuring lights? If so, it’s important for you to have the job performed by an experienced electrician. The staff at Circuit Doctors Electric Services, LLC will be able to install the new fan, run wires, and add outlets where needed for such a project. Call our office today at 301-710-6218 to schedule your ceiling fan replacement appointment. Ceiling fan installation in Waldorf, MD is a service we proudly offer our residential clients on a regular basis. A ceiling fan helps keep you cool in the warmer months and moves stagnant air around in the winter months.