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DIY Electrical Work- The Risk VS Reward

Most homeowners would never consider rewiring their home. And that is because they know that electricity can potentially do a massive amount of damage if mishandled. In some cases, the result is even a fatal injury. But these are the same individuals who will undertake a DIY electrical repair or project that they think is too simple to require the work of a licensed electrician.

But sadly, that is not the case. All electrical work holds the potential for severe injury or an electrical fire. That is why a tradesman needs to have years of hands-on experience, specialized training, and knowledge to become a licensed electrician. If you value your home’s safety, your home’s electrical system, and the people who are in your home, only trust the licensed electricians at Circuit Doctors when you need any electrical work completed. We are here for you 24/7. Just call (703) 463-9866 to speak with an electrical expert who can provide you with answers to your questions and safe solutions to your electrical issues.

What Does It Take To Be Qualified For DIY Electrical Work?

You might think that having a basic understanding of electricity and wiring is all you need to do an electrical repair safely. But that is not how it works. Anyone working on residential electrical systems should hold an electrical contractor’s license. And to obtain it, he or she will need to have completed:

  • Four years as a journeyman
  • Pass multiple tests and exams
  • Logged about 15,000 hours of experience in various specialties- in case you need help with the math, that is about 7.5 years of work experience!

Why Is All Of This Experience And Expertise Required?

The answer is extremely simple. All of this hands-on learning and training is required to ensure the safety of the electrician, the clients, and their homes. There are many inherent risks when working with electricity, including:

  • FIRE-The Electrical Safety Foundation estimates that electrical fires cause about $1.3 billion in property damage each year. And while that is a significant number, it does not include all of the medical care costs for anyone who is injured in an electrical fire. One wrong move or miscalculation when wiring a circuit could result in a catastrophic electrical fire.
  • ELECTROCUTION- No one wants to think about the loss of life from accidents involving electricity. It is an awful way for any life to end. And sadly, it is not always the person who mishandles electricity which is killed. In many cases, it is an unsuspecting family member who is merely using an electrical appliance or plugging something in that receives a fatal shock due to inadequate or substandard electrical work.
  • INSPECTION FAILURE- While this might sound very inconsequential in comparison to the other items on this list, it is important to consider. When a home is sold, it must pass an inspection of many systems, including the electricity. If your home does not pass this complete inspection, it cannot be sold.

The “Reward” Of DIY Electrical Work

There is usually only one reason that a homeowner chooses to take on any electrical project personally. And that is to save money. But when you consider the risk that you are taking, is saving a few dollars or a few hundred dollars worth the potential risk? What if you are injured or worse and cannot provide for your family? Think of the stress and grief that your loved ones will suffer. Think of the price that you might be forced to personally pay if you make just one small mistake or wrong move with an electrical connection. You cannot put a price tag on these scenarios.

The Best Solution

Whenever you have an electrical problem in your home, the smart thing to do is call (703) 463-9866. Our licensed electricians are here for you 24/7 for any emergency. And we offer same-day and weekend appointments to reduce the stress on your schedule. Trust the Circuit Doctors team to quickly and cost-effectively locate the cause of the problem and provide you with warrantied solutions. We want to be your go-to electrical contractor for the rest of your long and happy life.   

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