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The Hazards Of DIY Electrical Work

Many homeowners think that they have the knowledge and skill needed to complete most electrical repairs and small projects around the house. But the truth is that all electrical work has the potential to turn into a hazardous or even deadly event. One wrong move with a wire, or losing focus for just a second can result in a severe electrical shock or worse.

You might not know it, but your licensed electrician has dedicated years to training, apprenticeships, and certification exams to master this craft. And the primary reason for this investment of time is to learn to safely do this potentially dangerous job. After all, every electrician wants to go home at night. And they want to rest peacefully knowing that their client’s homes are safe from electrical fires and other mishaps that arise from faulty electrical work.

When Electrical Work Goes Bad

You might be focused on saving a few hundred dollars or getting the job done today rather than waiting for an electrician. But you are certainly not thinking of the potential risks that you are taking when you begin adding to your home’s electrical system or rewiring a fixture, plug, or switch. The three potentially bad outcomes of your work include:

  • An Electrical Fire – There are a multitude of ways that you could start a fire while working on your home’s electrical system. And in many cases, the fire will engulf a large part of your home before you can take the proper action to contain it. This could mean life-threatening injuries to you and your loved ones. But also, consider the fact that poor electrical workmanship can lead to a fire in the future. There is no way to know when improper grounding or too much current through a wire will create enough heat to start a fire inside your home’s wall or floor. You might not even be there to make sure that your loved ones are able to escape the blaze. The Electrical Safety Foundation International reported that electrical fires cause over one billion dollars in property damage each year. It is not worth the risk that you are taking when DIYing your electrical service.
  • Electrocution – When you think of getting shocked by an electrical wire in your home, you picture a little zap and maybe some stinging for a bit. But that is not the extent of many electrical shock mishaps. Severe burns, nerve damage, loss of fingers, or even electrocution are all fairly common results of an untrained person working with residential electrical current. This is not something that you want to experience or force your loved ones to witness. Leave the electrical work to the professionals and know that you will be around for many years to enjoy your home’s safe electrical system.
  • Inspection Issues – Sure, you love your home today, but you will want to sell it at some point. And when you do, it will need to pass an inspection. If you have had all of the electrical updates and upgrades done by a licensed electrician, your home will pass with flying colors. But if you have been trying to piece together your own fixes and additions, expect to pay an electrician to come in and correct or redo all of that work. Simply put, you can’t sell a house that is unsafe. And DIY electrical work makes the safety of the electrical system very questionable. Play the long game, plan for all options in the future, and hire a pro for your electrical needs.

When you need an emergency electrical repair, are planning an upgrade, or need pricing on an addition to your electrical system, the only number you need to know is (703) 463-9866. At Circuit Doctor, we are a full-service electrical contractor with decades of service to the community. We offer no-obligation price quotes for repairs and larger projects. And every job we do is backed by a full warranty and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We have team members standing by to assist you 24/7, so there is never any reason for you to take electrical repairs into your own hands. Leave electrical work to the pros. 

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