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Tips For Cost-Effective Holiday Lighting

Holiday lights are one of the features that most people love the most about the season. And they can be found just about anywhere, from the trees to your home’s exterior. Some very festive residents even carry the mood to their vehicle or boat. And while putting up the lights can be a bit of a chore, once they are twinkling the fantastic colors the first night, you are happy to have invested the time. But there is one more aspect that can be a big drawback for many homeowners on a budget. The cost of holiday lighting can quickly become quite expensive. Fortunately, there are several tips that we have compiled to help keep the cost of your holiday lighting as reasonable as possible.

Great Ways To Save

Here are our top five ideas for cutting the cost of your home’s holiday lighting:

  1. Switch to LED lighting. Most people know that LED lights use less energy, but they have no idea how substantial the savings can be. Most LED fixtures and lights use only 1/10 the power of a comparable incandescent light. And they last for years compared to traditional lights that break or wear out in just a few years. And with all of the amazing innovations in lighting décor, there are literally hundreds of holiday lights and items for you to choose from.
  2. Use programmable lights or timers. Once you have put in the time to hang lights and put out holiday decorations, make sure that you can enjoy them every night by plugging them into a timer. Or you could purchase lights that come with a built-in timer. The added bonus of using a timer is that you will limit the number of hours that they are lit and the amount of electricity they are consuming. Times let you enjoy the fruits of your labor, but also turn off the lights so that you don’t overpay for electricity because you forget to turn them off.
  3. Be a smart shopper. When you are shopping for holiday lighting and decorations, focus on making economical choices. This included selecting affordably priced lights, and also ones that are economical to operate. Remember that LED options use only a fraction of the energy of their incandescent counterparts. And to save even more, shop after the holiday season for next year’s lights and decorations.
  4. Pass on electrical holiday decorations. You can eliminate the cost of electricity by opting for decorations that do not light up or use candlelight. Placing real candles in each window is a great way to decorate, and it takes no electricity. For your patio or walkways, consider using lanterns to light the way to your front door. Guests will love the quaint feel of an old-time holiday celebration warmed by the glow of natural candlelight.
  5. Use battery or solar power. Batteries are far more economical than electricity for short term use in the evenings. And for a free alternative, think about using holiday lighting that is powered by solar energy. These fixtures have a solar collector that charges a battery for nighttime use. And this option also eliminates the need to run countless extension cords that can pose a tripping hazard.

Holiday lighting and decorations add a sense of festivity to the season. And there is no reason to let the thought of a high utility bill scare you away from decorating for the holidays. Instead, make smart choices about the decorations and lights you decide to use at your home. And know that should you have any issues with your home’s electrical service when you are putting up your lights and decorations, help is just a phone call away. Dial (703) 463-9866 to schedule a service appointment with the licensed electricians at Circuit Doctor. We are here 24/7 to assist you with any electrical problems you might encounter.

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