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Essential Considerations When Creating A Home Office

Over the last year, many residents have discovered more advantages to working at home than they ever imagined. Once they got used to the solitude, they began to embrace the casual attire, better coffee and snacks than the break room, and lack of time wasted on their commute. However, they also quickly discovered that the spare bedroom was not quite as conducive to work. But with a few changes and the help of a licensed electrician, that extra bedroom or space in the basement or loft could become a very functional and comfortable office.

Upgrading Access And Power

Typical bedrooms and other spaces in your home have a limited number of electrical outlets. So when you start plugging in printers, monitors, computers, and other office essentials, there is a need for numerous power strips and other temporary solutions. Unfortunately, many homeowners looked at these temporary cords as a complete fix. And the result was overloaded circuits and tripped breakers regularly.

The solution to these hazardous situations is installing additional outlets, an upgrade to some circuits, and added surge protection. All of these electrical upgrades from a licensed electrician will ensure that your devices are protected from potentially damaging power issues. And that you don’t need to worry about a circuit overload creating enough heat to melt the insulation on your home’s electrical wires and start a fire in your walls.

Professionally Extend Your Internet Access

Even if your home has complete Wi-Fi coverage, you should seriously consider extending your internet cable to your office space. Hard-wiring into your internet cable will remove your business devices from your home Wi-Fi to eliminate potential data breaches and the overload on your network. Obviously, you want to protect your work data and privileged information, as well as any personal data pertaining to your clients. And that simple hard-wire solution eliminates the potential for anyone wandering around your neighborhood from hijacking your network to steal information.

The other significant benefit of a hard-wired internet connection is eliminating lag caused by your home network. For example, if you are experiencing a lag on video conferences or have issues with screen sharing applications, the problem could be the latency of your home Wi-Fi. Converting to a hard-wired connection will increase the speed of your service and should eliminate those embarrassing issues.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

When you were in a hurry to get your workspace up and running, it was understandable that you cut a few corners. But using extension cords, power strips, and a cable running down the hall are not solutions for a professional workspace. And they are not adding any value to your home. In fact, in some cases, they could be decreasing its value. So instead, call in a professional to ensure that the electrical work and the finish work on new outlets, faceplates, and cable jacks are all completed in a professional and visually appealing manner. This extra attention to detail will add value to your home and make your workspace more functional.

Working from home saves you the time and cost of commuting. From gas money to wear and tear on your vehicle, your home office saves a lot of cash. But the first thing you need to do with that money is to invest in professional electrical work to avoid potential damage to your electronic devices and your home.

Call (703) 463-9866 for a no-obligation price quote from the licensed electricians at Circuit Doctors. We will get the job done quickly and cost-effectively so that you can begin enjoying the benefits of your new home office.

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