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Common Electrical Questions That Homeowners Have

With many young couples buying homes and settling down in the suburban Waldorf community, many are learning what it’s like to be a first-time homeowner. No longer can you rely on your landlord to handle repairs and upgrades to your home. Now, you need to be proactive in understanding your home’s systems, like your electrical system.

Is a Fuse the Same as a Circuit Breaker?

If you currently live in an older home, it may have fuses in the panel box as compared to circuit breakers. Both fuses and circuit breakers work to disrupt the flow of electricity whenever a fault is sensed. Many fuses were phased out starting in the 1960s. The main reason fuses were phased out is because they have to be physically replaced when they blow. A circuit breaker, on the other hand, simply can be turned back on without physical replacement.

What Is A GFCI Outlet?

Many homeowners are confused when they see a square-looking outlet compared to the normal oval-like outlets that are more prominent. These square-looking outlets with ‘test’ and ‘reset’ buttons are referred to as GFCI outlets, and they protect you from electrical shock when moisture is present. Circuit Doctor in Waldorf, MD recommends having GFCI outlets installed in all of your home’s wetrooms, including your kitchen and bathrooms.

Why Do My Light Bulbs Constantly Blow Out?

A common problem that you may find yourself dealing with is a particular socket that keeps blowing out your light bulbs. One dangerous reason this may be happening is that the socket doesn’t have adequate airflow. Poor airflow allows the heat to build up around the bulb and blow it out. It’s best to have the issue evaluated by a professional to determine the direct cause of the problem and get it fixed before it creates a fire hazard for your home.

Should I Upgrade to 200 AMP Service?

Another question that many homeowners have who move into older homes is if they should update their electrical panel amperage. Most older homes were established with 100 AMP service. The main electricity demand of these homes included the stove, some lights, and maybe a record player. Starting in the 1980s, homeowners had 200 AMP service installed to accommodate their growing electrical needs. If your home is still on 100 AMP service, it would be wise to upgrade it to 200 AMPs to accommodate the current electricity needs of your household.

Household electricity is one of those areas that bring fear and lots of questions. Fortunately, Circuit Doctor is here to answer all of your electrical questions and provide you with quality electrician services. Simply give us a call today to get the professional assistance that you need with your home.

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