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4 Common Electrical Issues in Old Houses

Old houses are known to have outdated features, which include the plumbing system and the fixtures that are in place. The electrical system is another feature that can be several decades old, which can lead to plenty of issues over the years. If you own an old home in Waldorf, Maryland, there are a few electrical issues you may encounter in the near future.

1. Dead Outlets

Due to the old age of the outlets that are present throughout the house, you may notice they don’t always work when you plug in electronics. The outlets can become dead due to a tripped poor connection or too much heat buildup. The wires can start to melt within the outlet, which requires replacing the wires and the outlets with the help of an electrician from a company like Circuit Doctor.

You may also notice there aren’t as many outlets in the building, which can make it difficult to use multiple devices in one room. Many of the homes in Waldorf were built in the 1960s and 1970s, which makes it common to have a lack of outlets available. A professional will be capable of installing new outlets where you need them to ensure you can plug in different types of appliances and create a more functional setting.

2. Outdated Wiring

Old wiring is extremely common in old homes and often hasn’t been updated since the house was originally built. Many times, the wiring and electrical system can’t support modern and new appliances because it was built when people used a lot less electricity. Installing new wiring can correct the problem.

3. The Circuit Breaker Trips

You may be used to your circuit breaker tripping throughout the month, especially when you’re using a lot of energy during the day. Homes that were built at least 50 years ago are prone to having circuit breakers that need to be replaced because they can’t support the amount of electricity that is now used in the building. A professional electrician will need to add new wiring to the building to restore its reliability and capacity.

4. Dimming Lights

Although it can be spooky to have your lights constantly dimming or frequently, the issue is often due to the old electrical system rather than ghosts in the house. Dimming lights occur due to poor connections and gradually develop into arching. Over time, this can lead to an electrical fire when the different connections that are loose start to make contact.

If you want to learn more about the electrical issues you can expect in older homes, reach out to the team at Circuit Doctor in Waldorf, Maryland today. Our team will be happy to provide you with more information.

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