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Electrician is using a digital meter to measure the voltage at the circuit breaker control cabinet on the wall.

Maintain Your Electrical System Before Winter Comes

No homeowner should have to repair an electrical system in the middle of a winter storm. Prevent emergency issues and make the most efficient use of your electricity by preparing your electrical system for the long winter.

Use Energy-efficient Lighting

You use lighting more often during the winter when there are fewer hours of daylight. You can cut down on your energy use and reduce the strain on your electrical system by replacing older fluorescent or incandescent bulbs with LED lights that require less energy and heat to function. Energy-efficient lighting has a longer lifespan and requires fewer bulb replacements to work optimally. In addition, avoid using too many lights in one room and maintain low to moderate levels of brightness. Install a dimmer to reduce the output of light.

Check Indoor Electrical Outlets

With more time spent indoors, it’s likely that you are going to use your outlets more to charge and power electrical devices and keep your home lit. Make sure that the outlets are ready for this extra usage by testing them using a voltage meter. A properly functioning outlet measures 110 to 120 volts. If a low reading or no voltage is found, consider your repair options from Circuit Doctor.

Check Outdoor Electrical Outlets

Many people in Waldorf celebrate the holiday season by decorating their homes with festive lighting. If you plan on lighting up the night with holiday decorations, you’ll also want to check your outdoor outlets. Any signs of issues, such as burns or cracks, should be addressed by a professional electrician.

Install Energy-saving Devices

There are many energy-saving devices on the market today, and they provide a great way to minimize the amount of electricity that you use this winter. A programmable thermostat can keep your heating bills in check, and dimmer switches and sensors that turn off light automatically when not in use are great for reducing your electricity bills. Other ways to save money and energy include heating the house using the fireplace and opening the curtains to let in light and heat from the sun.

Check the Heaters

Winter temperatures in Waldorf, MD get quite cold, so it’s important to ensure that your furnace or other heating system is ready to keep you warm. Prior to the winter season, having maintenance performed will ensure that electrical wiring and other components connected to thermostats and heating systems are in good condition. You should also have electrical water heaters inspected for loose connections, frayed wiring, and other issues.

Most homeowners use quite a bit of electricity during the winter season. To ensure that your home’s electrical system is in good shape, reach out to the Circuit Doctor. We provide electrical inspections and offer a range of repair and installation services.

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