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Energy Savings Electrical Upgrades

Homeowners struggle with rising energy costs, not knowing that a simple electrical upgrade can help offset such high utility bills. Electrical upgrades can help you save substantially and convert your home to be environmentally friendly by reducing the carbon footprint released.

During colder and windy weather, people use more energy to heat their homes. Here is where energy-saving electrical upgrades come in handy. Let’s look at electrical green-home upgrades that can help you save on costs.

Install LED Lighting

LED lighting is a popular energy-efficient way for homeowners. Using up to 60-75% less energy than incandescent lighting substantially lowers energy costs in the long run. LED lights have energy-efficient diode lights. This allows them to use less energy than filament lights. Plus, LED lighting is long-lasting and can take up to 100,000 hours, depending on use.

Smart Thermostat

Going smart can help your units operate efficiently. A smart thermostat can help you create a heating schedule matching your needs. You can customize it to what fits your household since it runs automatically. You can set it high during the day and lower at night.

A smart thermostat provides you with data to help you analyze your usage. It helps you avoid cranking up the heat. Instead, you can apply zoned temperature control to only heat rooms that require heat exclusively. This ensures you don’t waste energy in rooms that don’t need it.

Energy-Efficient HVAC Unit

An inefficient or outdated heating and cooling system can result in a surge in your bill. The high increase in utility bills can take a toll on your savings. With more than 40% of your home’s energy use resulting from the HVAC system, you may need an energy-efficient unit. Invest in a new HVAC unit or repair it so that it can run efficiently.

Upgrade Appliances

Appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, and so on use your home’s energy daily. These appliances are usually plugged in all the time. If they’re outdated, they can increase their energy consumption, resulting in higher energy bills. You can upgrade your home to more energy-efficient appliances or repair the old ones so that they operate efficiently.

Invest in Occupancy Sensors

With technology comes occupancy sensors, which can sense when you are in a room. Connecting the sensors to your Smart lighting helps you avoid the numerous times you will have to remind your kids to switch off the lights. The lights automatically switch on when there’s someone in the room and off when there’s no one. It lowers your energy bills and results in less electrical waste.

Seek Professional Assistance

Whether you’re an environmentally friendly homeowner or want to save on your home’s energy, an energy-saving electrical upgrade is the solution. At Circuit Doctors, we have a team of electricians with the relevant qualifications to help with an electrical upgrade in your home. Your safety is a top priority, and we work at the highest standards. We serve Waldorf, MD, and our services include ceiling fan installation, circuit breaker replacement, panels repair and replacement, electrical wiring, GFCI installation, landscape lighting, compliance and code upgrades, and more.

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