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4 Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Generator

The fall season is no doubt the best time to maintain your generator because it gives you enough time to prepare for winter. During maintenance, you should inspect the equipment for damage and get rid of all obstructions, as mentioned below.

1. Check for Damage

Before you consider other maintenance tips, check if your generator is still in good condition and able to deliver. The best way to do this is to inspect it to see if everything looks okay. If you do not know how to tell if a generator is damaged, consider calling a professional.

Experts normally inspect for both minor and major damage before deciding whether the generator should be replaced or repaired. They check if the wires are frayed as well as look out for rusty or dented equipment.

2. Change the Oil and Lubricate the Generator

Most homeowners believe oil changes are unnecessary if you do not use your generator often enough. However, this is not the case since generators need oil changes to perform efficiently. Changing your generator’s oil in the fall is particularly important since it allows you to prepare for winter.

When changing the oil, don’t forget to lubricate your generator by oiling it properly. Furthermore, remember to buy enough oil in the fall to avoid any inconveniences in winter. Lubricating your generator prevents overheating and allows it to work more efficiently while using as little oil as possible.

3. Clean Your Generator

One way to keep your generator clean is by removing debris, dirt, leaves, and twigs near it. While cleaning the equipment, inspect the air filter to see if it is filled with dirt and dust. If this proves to be the case, have it replaced immediately to reduce the risk of your generator overheating.

Cleaning your generator during fall is an essential tip because it also plays a role in ensuring optimum efficiency. It prevents debris from getting inside the system and causing mechanical damage, especially when the generator is on.

4. Give the Equipment a Test Run

The best time to do a trial run is before the evening temperature drops. Trial runs are highly recommended because they help you spot the areas of concern. You can then fix them early enough. It also ensures you know whether your generator is facing a minor issue or a major one that requires the attention of a generator expert.

It is important that you come up with a list of issues you noticed during the trial run. You can then go through this maintenance checklist to determine which issues you can fix and which ones should be left to the professionals. Overall, a trial run ensures the generator is safe to use. It also helps extend its lifespan.

It is worth noting that generator maintenance can be both major and minor. While minor maintenance may not be demanding, major ones require that you work with your local generator expert to avoid causing any damage to your equipment. Call Circuit Doctor today if you are in Waldorf, MD and looking for professional generator installation services.

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