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EV charging at home

6 Spring Cleaning Tips to Revitalize Your EV Charging Station

Having your own at-home EV charging station is a real game-changer. Unlike other EV drivers, you don’t have to wait in long lines for public charging or pay a veritable fortune to power up your battery. However, to keep your equipment functioning as it should, you should take advantage of the six spring cleaning tips that follow.

1. Inspect Your EV Charging Cables

During initial EV charger use, people often wear kid gloves and treat their charging stations, cords, and accessories gently. However, over time, it’s common to become careless with charger attachments, especially when in a hurry.

If your EV charger is installed in a cramped garage or another high-traffic location, there’s a good chance that you’ve run over your charging cords before. Check your cord for indentations, worn insulation, bare wires, and other safety hazards. Even ongoing exposure to electrical heat can cause accumulated wear over time.

2. Inspect Your EV Charger’s Outlet

While electricians hardwire some EV charging stations directly into residential electrical systems, many of these appliances are supported by specially installed, 240-volt outlets. If your charger is plugged into an outlet, make sure that its plug still has a secure fit.

Regularly plugging appliances in and pulling them back out widens outlet openings. Even the heavy weight of charger cords can cause changes in outlets’ integrity. If your charger’s cord doesn’t have a secure fit, it may be time for an outlet replacement.

3. Clean Your EV Charging Station and Its Perimeter

You can wipe the exterior of your EV charger down with a clean, dry cloth. For more involved cleaning, refer to your owner’s manual. Some chargers should only be cleaned with compressed air.

You should also take a minute to clean the area around your charging station. Sweeping up loose dust, dirt, hair, and other debris will keep it from getting blown into your charger in drafty conditions.

4. Review Your Home’s Surge Protection Plan

While winter has a longstanding reputation for bringing the year’s most extreme weather, spring storms are formidable too. Whether caused by down power lines, direct lightning strikes, or short-term utility service disruptions, power outages are always followed by damaging surge events.

Installing whole-house surge protection will keep your EV charger protected. Whether your charger is hardwired or plugged in, surge protection will also protect the electrical system features that support it.

5. Check Your EV Charger for Pests

Outdoor EV charging stations provide closed, private shelter for insects and small animals. Check your outdoor charger’s housing and perimeter for shed exoskeletons and wings, fur, feathers, feces, or other indications of pest problems. Finding and addressing pest issues early will keep invasive critters from causing serious equipment damage.

6. Schedule Professional EV Charger Maintenance

You should have an electrician inspect your EV charger and its electrical connections at least once annually. In fact, the manufacturer’s warranty for your charger may require it. Scheduling this maintenance in spring will keep you compliant and provide the perfect opportunity to ask about surge protection.

We offer cutting-edge EV charging stations along with all the support homeowners need to keep them in top condition. For expert EV charger installation or maintenance in Waldorf, MD, get in touch with Circuit Doctor now!

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