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The Pros and Cons of Using LED Lights in Your Outdoor Area

LED lights have become a popular addition to many landscapes and outdoor lounges. Homeowners enjoy the advantage of being able to light their exteriors without increasing their energy bills. Of course, you need to know if outdoor LEDs are right for your home before switching to these bulbs.

Pro: Energy-Efficient

LED lights use 85% less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Using LEDs both inside and outside your home can save you up to $225 yearly.

Pro: Eco-Friendly Solution

LED bulbs do not contain harmful substances, such as mercury. The bulbs also reduce CO2 emissions because they do not require frequent replacements.

Pro: Instant Light

Conventional fluorescent bulbs need a warm-up period before producing light. They also tend to flicker while warming up. However, LED lights produce immediate light and never flicker.

Pro: Long-Term Savings

LEDs are a long-term investment for most outdoor spaces. In addition to energy savings, you do not need to purchase LED bulbs as often as incandescent bulbs.

Pro: Lengthy Lifespan

LED bulbs can last 35,000 to 80,000 hours, with some reportedly able to last longer than 100,000 hours. LED lamps and fixtures are just as durable as the bulbs.

Pro: Attracts Fewer Insects

Insects love the glow of incandescent bulbs but are not as attracted to LEDs. These lights allow you to enjoy the outdoors while dealing with fewer pests.

Pro: Dims Over Time

LED bulbs tend to dim at the end of their lifespan, losing up as much as 70% of their brightness. The dimmer light warns you to change the bulb before it flickers or blows.

Pro: Low Maintenance

Changing incandescent bulbs feels like a chore. LEDs require less maintenance, so you can just relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Con: Overheating

LED lights are prone to overheating in hotter climates. Exposure to heat can shorten their lifespan. Therefore, you must invest in lampshades or place the lights in a shady area.

Con: Produces White Light

LEDs produce a white light rather than a warm glow. The brighter light creates a safe environment, but it may ruin the outdoor atmosphere you have in mind.

Con: Up-Front Expenses

You can expect to spend more on LED bulbs than incandescent bulbs. This is in addition to the fixtures, lampshades and installation.

Con: Limited Direction

Traditional incandescent bulbs illuminate in all directions. LEDs illuminate only 180 degrees around your space. You can adjust the beam angles, but you will not receive 360 degrees of light from one bulb.

While there are pros and cons to LEDs, the long-term savings are worth the switch for most people. LEDs also allow you to live an eco-friendly lifestyle inside and outside your home. When you are ready to schedule your LED lighting installation, contact Circuit Doctor in Waldorf, MD.

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