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Ceiling Fan Installation in Alexandria


Whether it’s the heat of summer or just a warm day, stale, hot air can drive a good person crazy. It can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep, it can make you sweat just sitting on the couch, or just plain make you too darn hot! One of the most affordable and effective changes you can make to cool your room down is simply hiring a local electrician to do a Ceiling Fan Installation in Alexandria VA for you. A quality, licensed, electrical pro can make this a quick and easy solution for cooler air for you and your family. We at Circuit Doctors would love the opportunity to help with quality, affordable work done by friendly and licensed technicians.

While it might seem overwhelming to think about what it takes to install a new ceiling fan, it’s actually pretty simple. A good electrician can easily run wiring with special tools from one of your nearby outlets, without tearing up your walls. From there, they simply attach the fan to your ceiling with a small hole that is covered by the fan itself. It’s a very fast, clean and quick project for a good local electrician in Alexandria VA.

When you choose Circuit Doctors to perform electrical service in your home you can rest assured you’ll receive:

Replace A Ceiling Fan

Do you already have a ceiling fan that isn’t quite working for you? If your ceiling fan is broken or if you just need a better one, that’s an even easier job than a new ceiling fan installation. Replacing an existing to make it bigger, to add lighting or simply install an updated ceiling fan design is one of the simplest, quickest jobs for a licensed electrician. To replace the ceiling fan, the electrician will ensure that all “live” electricity running to the fan has been turned off and the wires are safe to work with. From there, he or she will be able to remove the fan, disconnect all wiring and prep the ceiling for the new fan. If the new fan is significantly bigger, the pro will reinforce the area around the fan before rewiring the new housing and installing the improved fan. After, a qualified technician will clean the area, leaving your home spotless, and a lot cooler!

Repairing a Broken Ceiling Fan

Is the fan not turning on? Or maybe the lights have stopped even after you’ve put in new bulbs but the fan still spins? It might be more affordable for you to have an electrician troubleshoot and repair a broken ceiling fan than to buy a new one and replace it. Often times as fans get old, the wiring inside can come loose. This not only causes you hot days or dark nights, it’s also a major hazard for you and your family. Loose wiring can cause shorts, sparks and even fire if left unfixed. If you think this is the case, please call as soon as possible to have a local licensed electrician come out and review the problem. If the wiring is okay, the pro may find your fan is in need of a new motor, which can also be an easy fix, if the model is still regularly available. Either way, we at Circuit DoctorsÒ are standing by to help you find the best, affordable fix for you and your family.

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Ready to fight the heat and get cool air blowing in your home? Call the friendly staff at Circuit Doctor Electrical Services, LLC to install a new fan, or replace, or repair an old fan today. You can call our main office at 301-710-6218 to get scheduled in Alexandria today. We’d be honored with the opportunity to show you our quality, clean work at an affordable price.

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