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Electrical Rewiring in Alexandria


Looking for a local electrician to provide your home with electrical rewiring in Alexandria? Are you building a new home that is need of having the electrical wiring installed? The skilled electricians here at Circuit Doctors Electric Services, LLC, have the experience & expertise to complete any residential rewiring job with ease! Our team of local electricians in Alexandria have the been providing residential electrical services for over 2 decades! Go with a trusted, local, & experienced electrician and save thousands on your wiring or rewiring project.

The importance of well laid and up-to-date electrical wiring cannot be overstated. Your property’s wiring is responsible for powering every electronic item & appliance in your home. Electricity powers everything from the air conditioning system to the washing machine, your television to your cell phone charger, and everything in between. When wiring systems become outdated and are no longer efficient enough to supply electricity for new modern appliances and increased energy demands, you are putting your property and it’s inhabitants in danger. From malfunctioning of appliances and electronic devices, to the complete loss of electricity, or in extreme cases, electrical fires, outdated wiring has no shortage of ways to wreak havoc on your home.

Circuit Doctors licensed electricians can provide the following residential electrical services in Alexandria:


For most homeowners it is difficult to know exactly when is the right time to rewire. If you know what to look for, it can become easier to identify when it’s time to call in an electrician. For instance, frequently flickering lights are a tell-tale sign of an overloaded and overworked electrical system. Lights will not flicker all of the time but the flickering will increase when large appliances like ac units are turned on. Frequent power surges or circuit breaker flips are another sign that it’s time to consult with a local electrian.

Do you have light bulbs that frequently burn out? Do you ever notice a burning smell being emitted from outlets? If so, contact an electrician right away! These are serious signs that something is wrong with your home’s electrical system.

When you choose Circuit Doctors to perform electrical service in your home you can rest assured you’ll receive:

Here at Circuit Doctors we are proud to provide electrical wiring installations in Alexandria, VA, as well as a wide array of other new home rewiring and electrical wiring repairs. The services that we provide to residential properties are designed to promote a safer, more energy efficient environment for our customers.

New Outlet Installation

If you live in a home that was built many years ago, you may notice that you simply don’t have enough outlets. Back in the day, outlets were not as in demand as they are today with all of our appliances, electronic devices, cell phone chargers, laptops etc. However, today’s technologically advanced world demands more power supply, more charging, and more outlets than ever.

Whether you are looking to upgrade old and outdated 2 prong outlets to 3 prong outlets, or have entirely new outlets installed in your home, we can help!

When you live in a home with old & outdated electrical wiring, the chances are high that many of the outlets will not be grounded. Long ago when electrical appliances began being produced in mass, the cords that powered them only had 2 prongs. Over time, in an effort to reduce the risk of house fires related to electrical issues, a 3rd prong was added to “ground” the appliance in case it ever faulted. When 3 prong appliances are plugged directly into 2 prong outlets by way of an outlet adapter, you are putting yourself, your property, and your loved ones at risk.

Stop using 3 prong adapters to power modern appliances and see how fast & affordable it can be to have new, modern outlets installed in your home!

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