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Recessed Lighting Installation in Alexandria


Do you want to add clean, functional lighting to your home? Sick of having lamps in the corner of the room or hanging lights that look like they’re still form the 70’s? It’s time you brighten up you’re your home with a recessed lighting installation in Alexandria VA by a qualified licensed electrician. With recessed lighting you get bright, modern lighting where you need it with just the flick of a switch.

How hard is it to install recessed lighting? It’s actually a simple and routine task for a trained electrician. He or she will simply run wiring from a nearby outlet, switch or light, with minimal or usually no holes in your walls. But in the rare occasion, they need to make a small hole in your wall, they will repair the wall and you won’t be able to tell it ever existed. Then, once the wiring has been run, they simply attach the new lighting to your existing ceiling, creating a hole right where the light will be. It’s that simple and usually only takes a couple hours at most. Call Circuit DoctorsÒ today at 703-463-9866 to get recessed lighting installed in your home.

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Do you have recessed lighting that doesn’t work? Tried changing the bulbs but the switch still does nothing? You might have a bad switch. Or worst-case scenario, you have loose wiring in your home. Either way you can count on a qualified, licensed pro to troubleshoot the problem. Hopefully, it’s just a bad switch as loose wiring can be a major safety concern. Loose wiring can cause shorts that result in fires, putting your family at risk. As such, we offer emergency electrical services in Alexandria 24/7.


Does your recessed lighting look like it’s still from the 70’s? Or maybe just doesn’t match the look and feel of the rest of your home anymore? If that’s the case, a quick and cheap upgrade is to swap out the lighting with new modern light fixtures that match you style. Just give Circuit Doctors of Alexandria VA a call and we’ll show you options and get the new light fixtures installed in no time by a licensed, knowledgeable electrician.

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