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GFCI Outlet Installation in Alexandria


Keeping your home safe is always priority number one for a quality electrician, that’s why today almost all new outlets come installed with a GFCI outlet switch. What does this mean? A GFCI outlet installation will keep a short circuit from possibly causing a fire in your home. Instead when the outlet is overworked or shorts, it will simply turn off and require you to press a small button on the outlet face to restart the outlet. This keeps you and your home safe!

Unfortunately, most homes, especially here in Alexandria VA where most homes are older, we have outlets that predate the GFCI technology and as such are not equipped with the safety feature. This is especially problematic in kitchens or bathrooms where shorts or overuse of one outlet can cause major issues putting your home and family in danger. Fear not, this is a quick and easy job for a qualified, licensed electrician. Give Circuit Doctors a call to today to schedule a knowledgeable pro to install a new GFCI outlet in your home today.

They’ll be able to use a nearby light switch, light or existing outlet to quickly get a new GFCI outlet installed.

Upgrade an Existing Outlet to a GFCI Outlet

Have an existing outlet that just needs to be upgraded to GFCI. This is one of the quickest and most straight forward electrical service jobs we come across. Call us today at 703-463-9866 to schedule a fast, affordable technician to install a GFCI outlet in your home.

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