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Security Lighting Installation in Alexandria


There are few things that can give you greater peace of mind than feeling safe in your home from intruders. No residential security system is complete without correctly configured security lighting. Our team of licensed electricians specialize in highly effective security lighting installation in Alexandria, VA. We can install security lighting on your home and around your property that is sure to give potential intruders pause & beautifully illuminate your property at night.

One common concern we see from homeowners who say they are looking to increase their home’s security, is a reluctancy to have security lights installed due to the aetshetic. They are worried that security lighting will give their home a “prisonesque” feel and detract from their home’s curb appeal. If this is a concern for you, rest assured that when you contact the team here at Circuit Doctors to perform your security lighting installation in Alexandria, this will never be the case. We will work with you to pick the right placements, fixtures, & lights for your home & style.

Whether we decide to go with flood lights, motion sensor lights, or spot lights, we will position them in an aesthetically pleasing way. With the correct fixture selection and placement, we will ensure that your exterior security lighting not only adds protection and security to your home but beauty as well. When you call on Circuit Doctor to inquire about our residential security lighting services, we will quickly & easily arrange a no-obligation estimate to figure out a security lighting plan that increases both your properties security & curb appeal.

If you’re looking for ways to make your home safe at night, the team at Circuit Doctors is just a call away. For over 2 full decades, our electricians have been setting up & installing security lighting systems in homes throughout Alexandria, and throughout DC, Maryland, and Virginia!

When you choose Circuit Doctors to perfrom electrical service in your home you can rest assured you’ll receive:


When choosing to have security lighting installed on your property, it is best to begin with an understanding of the different type of lighting systems available to you. The most commonly used security lights include the following:


Whether we are talking about a large patio or a small residential yard, safety should be a priority. For homeowners having a comprehensive security lighting system installed can greatly reduce car theft, assaults, and break ins. Studies show that properties with security lighting systems used in conjunction with home security systems see fewer home burglaries than those without them.

This data comes from a 24 month study done on the effects of security lighting systems. The results showed a 44% decrease in burglary & burglary attempts and a 22% decrease in vandalism! This all on homes equipped with security lighting.

Another angle on added safety that comes with security lighting systems is the ease of navigation you will have when walking around your own yard. Stumbling or tripping in the dark can have huge implications if you fall and become injured.

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