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Ceiling Fan Installation Clinton MD


If you are looking for a cost effective, quick & convenient, way to cool down a specific room in your house, consider having a new ceiling fan installed. Ceiling fans are a great way to increase airflow & regulate temperature throughout your home. Our electricians here at Circuit Doctors have over 2 full decades of experience installing ceiling fans in Clinton, MD, and throughout it’s surrounding areas! We provide consultations and estimates on all electrical service, repair, and installations, 6 days a week.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and we’ll walk you through the process of improving your overall airflow and quality of living! We can show you ideal placements to keep your home cooler in the summer months, and discuss reverse circulation to bring warm air down during the winter. We will show you how to save money on cooling & heating bills and how to keep your thermostat from needing constant adjustments due to uneven & variable temperatures.

Some of the biggest benefits of having a ceiling fan installed include:

Choose Circuit Doctor to perform your ceiling fan installation in Clinton today!

Whether you are looking for an entirely new ceiling fan installation or an upgrade from an old or improperly function fan, we can help! Our Clinton, MD, electricians can do it all from switches, to wiring, and everything in between. So if you’re looking to lower your utility bill and add decorative appeal to any room in your house, give us a call and schedule service today.

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To have a ceiling fan installed in your home, give us a call to set up an estimate at (301) 291-7514.

Lower Your Energy Bill With A New Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans, although not specifically designed to heat or cool a room, have the awesome ability to do both! Fans work by facilitating air ciculation throughout a room. This evens out the temperature allowing homeowners to save a significant sum on heating & air conditioning bills. As you’ve probably heard many times over throughout life, heat rises. In the winter months this becomes problematic as warm air pumped into a room rises to the ceiling, leaving the lower portion of a room cooler than it could be. To reduce the amount of energy needed to heat a room a ceiling fan can be switched to rotate clockwise during the winter months. This effectively pulls warm air from the ceiling and circulates it evenly throughout a room. In the warmer months of the year you can simply reset the blades to spin in the opposite direction creating a cooling effect.

Ceiling fans also provide much better energy efficiency than any air conditioning unit. So when you decrease AC usage you will directly reduce your homes energy costs. Trust the professionals at Circuit Doctor for high quality, fairly-priced, ceiling fan installation in Clinton MD.

Ceiling Fan Installation in Clinton You Can Trust

As we covdered above, despite the fact that many people think ceiling fans only come in hand during the hotter summer months, the truth of the matter is that they provide year round benefits! Some of the best reasons to install a ceiling fan include:

Year round indoor comfort: Not only will a ceiling fan create a cool & refreshing airflow in the warmer months, but it can also be set to rotate in reverse providing addition warmth throughout your home during winter months.

Energy savings: Proper utilization of a ceiling fan is an effective & energy efficient way to set your thermostat up or down a few degrees without having to sacrificing comfort. What’s more, you’ll see the savings reflected in your electricity bill each and every month!

Extra lighting: Although they are available without them, the bulk of ceiling fans on the market come equipped with lighting. This lighting is a great way to affordably illuminate a room without installing an entirely new lighting system.

Have an existing ceiling fan that doesn’t have lights? No problem! Our highly-skilled electricians can upgrade your ceiling fan with ease.

Décor: Ceiling fans come in a myriad of shapes, styles, and sizes. From large fan blades to small ones and everything we will help you choose the right fan to add a special, yet functional touch to any room in your home!

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