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Electrical Panel Replacement Fort Washington MD


A trusted electrician is an important contractor to have on your speed dial in Fort Washington, MD. Electrical issues can arise in your home without notice, leaving you without power or even worse, with an electrical fire. Performing electrical work on your home yourself is never a good idea. These repairs or upgrades are not like painting a room, installing new drywall, replacing appliances or putting down new flooring. Only licensed electricians should be handling repairs to the electrical footprint of your home. When you need to have electrical panel replacement done in your Fort Washington, MD home, you can call on the experienced and trusted team from Circuit Doctors Electrical Services, LLC.

Signs of a Failing Electrical Panel

Homeowners will encounter various problems with their electric throughout the years, but one of the most common is the electrical panel. The panel should only have to be replaced one time during home ownership (25 years old or older) if it is installed correctly. Some of the signs of a failing electrical panel include the following:
It is imperative that you contact an experienced electrician as soon as you notice any of the signs of a failing electrical panel in order to prevent a serious fire or extended loss of power to the home.

Replacing an Electrical Panel

The process to replace an electrical panel in the home should take an entire business day to complete. This is an exhaustive process that involves shutting off the power to the home, disconnecting all of the wiring that arrives at the panel from the circuits, removing the old panel and installing the new one. The wiring will then need to be reconnected to the new panel and each individual area of the home checked prior to completion of the job to make sure there is power. The box outside the home that connects the power source from the street to the house might also need to be replaced and properly grounded to avoid shortages.

Benefits of Electrical Panel Replacement

Homeowners want to know the benefits of conducting repairs or replacement projects before making the final decision to spend money. When it comes to the electricity in your home, you should never cut corners or ignore any warning signs that something could be wrong. Doing so could lead to serious issues, including an electrical fire, that can destroy your home and belongings. Replacing your electrical panel has a couple of benefits, including keeping you and your family safe, preventing a fire, adding resale value to your older home, lowering your monthly utility bills and ensuring that your appliances run efficiently at all times.

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Has the electrical panel in your Fort Washington, MD home exhibited any of the warning signs mentioned above? If so, it’s time to speak with an experienced and trusted electrician about electrical panel replacement. Replacement is the best option if your panel is more than 25 years old. Call Circuit Doctors Electrical Services, LLC in Fort Washington at (301) 291-7514 to schedule an appointment for service today. You can also complete the appointment request form found on the website.

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