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Electrical Panel Replacement Oxon Hill


If your home is falling victim to a failing electrical panel, we can help! Our state licensed electricians are experts when it comes to electric panel repair in Oxon Hill, Md. We have served the great state of Maryland for over two decades providing top-quality electrical services at affordable prices.

Don’t suffer from flipped breakers, flickering lights, or sudden loss of power, for another night. Call on Circuit Doctors and schedule your electrical panel repair in Oxon Hill, Friendly, Temple Hills, Forest Heights, or any area in Prince George’s County today!

Circuit Doctors. provides fast, affordable, & comprehensive electrical panel installation, repair, & replacement services throughout Oxon Hill. We’ll help determine the best course of action and provide you with all of your options for repair or replacement. Keeping in mind your budget & specific situation. It is possible that your electrical panel is outdated and thus unable to handle the electrical-load of your modern appliances. It is also possible it needs simple repair that takes only a few minutes.

Give us a call today to inspect your home’s electrical panel and provide you with a detailed assessment. Know exactly what you’re dealing with by choosing Circuit Doctors & receive 5-star service with a smile!

We Service Fuse Boxes & Circuit Breakers in Oxon Hill, Md

Do you know the difference between these two types of electrical panels?

If your home’s electrical panel is filled with small, disposable fuses, you have what is referred to as a fuse box panel. These fuses are responsible for regulating the flow of electric current throughout your home. Each fuse is designed to handle up to a certain level of current. In the event that there is an overload, and a fuse’s limit is exceeded, the fuse will melt & subsequently break the circuit. A fuse can easily be replaced once this occurs but it’s function is vital to the safety of your home’s electrical system. In short it protects the entire system from surges that it cannot handle, protects appliances from overloading and burning out, and most importantly, helps to prevent house fires.

Circuit breakers are the semi-modern update to the older fuse box. They work much in the same way with the major difference being the lack of disposable fuses. With a circuit breaker, there are actually no fuses required at all. Instead a small switch is used to monitor the flow of electric current throughout your home’s electrical system. In the event that too much electric current surges into your panel, the switch “trips” and breaks the flow of current. To restore the flow of current you only need to reset the switch. No need for extra fuses.

Although both circuit breakers and fuse box electrical panels function in much the same way, fuse boxes are outdated & generally deemed unsafe. If your home utilizes and old & outdated electrical panel, like a fuse box, it is widely suggested that it be replaced immediately.

Surefire Signs That Your Electrical Panel is on the Fritz

Constant Tripping
Most homeowners will never have any interaction with their electrical panel unless a circuit breaks. This could involve either flipping a switch to reset a circuit or replacing a fuse. A circuit breaker activates when a circuit is overloaded. This is to say when more power is being demanded from appliances or receptacles in your home than is able to be supplied. Typically, unplugging or powering down a few electric items & flipping the breaker switch will do the trick. However, if you are suffering from frequent tripping in your home there is likely a larger issue at hand. The issue could lie with the circuit breaker or the circuit itself. In order to keep both your property and family safe, it is highly recommended that you contact a certified electrical professional to perform an electrical panel inspection in your home straight away!

Smoking or Burning Smell Coming From Outlets or The Panel Itself
When smoking or burning can be seen or smelled coming from either an outlet in your home or the electric panel itself, call an electrician immediately! Do not touch the panel! Do not attemp to replace the outlet. Call an electrician. You are likely in need of an emergency electrical panel replacement in Oxon Hill.

Failure to Reset
If your panel will not reset, call an electrician. There are no shortage of reasons why this can happen but most of them require technically troubleshooting to rule out.

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