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4 Common Electrical Issues That Make Your Home Unsafe

As long as the item that you are plugging into an outlet works properly, you rarely give a thought to your home’s electrical system. However, powering an electronic or electrical item does not mean that the system is in perfect condition. In fact, your electrical system ages just like everything else in your home. But unlike windows that stick or doors that creek in an annoying way, your aging electrical system can pose a severe safety risk to your home and loved ones.

There are a few warning signs that every homeowner should know about and watch for in their home. Noticing an odd odor or smell of something burning, a warm outlet, or humming sound coming from an outlet are all signs of a serious issue that could result in an electrical fire. When you notice these warning signs, one of four common problems is often to blame.

  1. Wear And Tear – The condition of your home’s electrical system is often to blame for electrical problems. Over half of all home fires are the result of electrical issues. And the most common problems caused by old age include deteriorated insulation, loose connections, and damaged outlets. The only way to prevent these smaller issues from turning into a catastrophe is regular maintenance and inspections of the electrical components in your home.
  2. Poor Installation – Just because you have a basic understanding of the electrical wiring in your home does not mean you are qualified to repair it or add to it. Poor wiring, overloading of a circuit, or improper wire sizing are common mistakes made by a thrifty DIY homeowner. There is more to adding an outlet or rewiring a room than just making the wire connections and setting boxes. Electricians must work for years to learn their craft before becoming licensed. All of that training and the hands-on experience make it far safer for you to hire a professional rather than take on a DIY electrical project around your house.
  3. Power Surges – You have no way of controlling or eliminating power surges from the grid. And because of that, your home is equipped with built-in safety features such as circuit breakers and GFCI outlets that trip in the event of improper power levels. Lightning strikes, overloaded circuits, and faulty wiring can also cause these safety features to trip and interrupt the power in your home. But without regular inspections and service, these devices can wear and eventually fail to provide this added level of safety for your home. You can’t control the electricity, but you can control how often you have the breakers and outlets in your home tested and inspected to ensure your home and your loved ones’ safety.
  4. Lack Of Maintenance – Quality maintenance and care for your electrical system is kind of a central theme here. As you might have noticed, all of the other issues can be prevented by regularly having a licensed electrician inspect and service your home’s electrical system. Not only will that eliminate the potential of all three of these significant issues, but it will also prevent things like shock hazards, the possibility of damage to expensive electronics and appliances, and outlet failures. Again, just because there is enough electricity flowing through the wires to turn on a lightbulb does not mean that the amount of current, the wiring, and the outlet are all in a safe condition.

If you cannot remember the last time your home’s electrical system was inspected and serviced, call (703) 463-9866 to schedule an appointment. A Circuit Doctors licensed electrician will visit your home and check every component from your circuit breaker to the outlets in your home to verify that they are functioning correctly and safely.

With years serving the community, we have built a strong reputation as the electrical contractor you can trust for service, repairs, and installations. Our rates are always very competitive, and we provide a complete price quote before beginning any work in your home. So there is never an unpleasant surprise when the invoice arrives. Call us today to ensure that your home is safe from dangerous electrical hazards.

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