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5 Annoying Electrical Problems And Their Solutions

While having an electrical issue in your home is undoubtedly annoying, it is not something that should ever be overlooked or undertaken as a weekend DIY project to save a few dollars. The issues that we will be discussing can appear to have very simple solutions. But what every homeowner needs to understand is that these are relatively simple and fast solutions for a trained and licensed electrician. By making your home’s electrical system a DIY project, you are asking for many more annoying little issues and the potential for an electrical fire in your home. The most that you need to do when you encounter an electrical problem in your home is turn off the breaker and call in a professional. Both of these steps are equally important in a proper and safe solution to the problem.

The Lights Suddenly Go Out

There are many reasons that some or all of your lights suddenly go dark in a part of your home. The first step is to locate the breaker box and determine if a breaker tripped. If that is the case, it could be as simple as resetting the breaker. A stray power surge could have been to blame, and your circuit breaker did its job. However, if you continue to have issues or the breaker will not reset and remain in place, call a professional electrician immediately. The problem is potentially very serious and needs to be evaluated by a professional.

Outlets Are Warm To The Touch

The electrical outlets in your home should never feel warm! If the outlet feels warm, unplug all items from it and call a licensed electrician immediately. This outlet is damaged and presents a severe risk of an electrical fire. You could have loose wires, a broken or damaged outlet, or a circuit overload causing the problem. Your electrician will be able to determine the problem and provide you with solutions to eliminate the hazard.

The Light Is Flickering

In most cases, a single flickering light is due to overlamping. This is when you install too large a bulb into a fixture. The lightbulb wattage is exceeding the capability of the fixture and is creating too much heat. The result can be flickering light, sparks, arcing electricity, or melting of the wire insulation and a fire. Turn off the light and allow it to cool. Replace the bulb with the correct wattage and watch for flickering. If the issue continues, the problem could be in the wiring of the fixture. In the case of a lamp, take it in for service. If the fixture is a mounted light, call in a professional electrician to check the wiring and replace the fixture if needed.

Plug Will Not Stay Inserted In An Outlet

The outlets in your home can wear out, causing plugs to be loose or fall out of the outlet. This can also cause dangerous sparks that could start an electrical fire. Unplug the item as soon as you notice the plug is loose and have the outlet replaced to avoid any other hazard.

Ever-Increasing Electrical Bills

The cost of electricity can increase, but not often is this a constant increase. If you are noticing a larger electric bill each month, the issue could be inside your home. Items like phone and laptop or tablet chargers continue to consume power when they are left plugged in. Be sure to unplug all items when they are not in use to reduce your home’s energy consumption. Also, never overload an outlet with multiple power strips. If you need more outlets installed in your older home, call a professional electrician to safely install additional electrical outlets as needed.

None of these common electrical issues sound very serious. But it is essential to know that these annoying problems can be an indication of a much more serious and potentially dangerous situation in your home. As soon as you notice an electrical problem, call (703) 463-9866 to schedule an appointment for an inspection of your home’s electrical system. A Circuit Doctors licensed electrician will inspect your home and provide you with a price quote for any necessary repairs.

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