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Proper And Safe Use Of Power Strips

Any electrician will tell you that if you need additional outlets in your home or electrical access in a new location, call in a professional to install the outlets. It is the only way to know that the outlet will be safe to use and will not damage your electronics or electrical device you are plugging in. But to be completely honest, there are times when you just need to get power to an area quickly, or you need an extra outlet. And you are happy to turn to a power strip to meet your needs. In fact, even electricians use power strips at home, but only in a safe manner.

Power Strip Dos And Don’ts

You might think that there is nothing to consider when using a power strip. You plug one end into an outlet and then have the ability to plug multiple items into the power strip. But these devices have limitations, as do the outlets in your home. And if you are not careful, you can overload the power strip and your original outlet.

  • Use power strips with built-in surge protection for added safety. A traditional power strip does nothing more than split an outlet. But a surge protector splits the outlet and also provides added protection for your appliances or electronics. It will guard against damage from a power surge that could damage or destroy your devices.
  • Use the right power strip for your needs. Not all power strips are created equal. Check the wattage rating before purchasing the power strip to ensure your intended use will fall within the unit’s safe range. Some power strips are designed for an industrial application, while others are rated for home and office use. Be sure you are buying the right type of power strip and not just purchasing the cheapest one.
  • Provide proper space and airflow for any power strip. Never cover the strip or the cord with a rug, fabric, or other material. The heat from the power strip and the cord could start a fire.
  • Power strips are meant to offer a short term solution for more outlets. Never install a power strip for long term use. If you are planning on long-term use, invest in a surge protector and power strip combo. These are capable of handling more long-term use without becoming a fire hazard.
  • Never plug one power strip into another one. Chaining them together is the fastest way to start an electrical fire. If you need more outlets than your current power strip offers, you have two choices. Call an electrician to have a new outlet or two installed. Or buy a larger surge protector and power strip with more outlets. But nothing good or safe will come from plugging one power strip into another.

Why Call In A Professional?

Electricity is a modern miracle that makes life much more convenient. But it also holds the potential to be dangerous and even life-threatening. When you need more power in a part of your home or workplace, it is best only to trust a licensed electrician to get you the power access you need. Overloaded wiring, circuits, and outlets are all fire hazards. And they are also placing your expensive appliances and technology at risk for damage or destruction.

Call (703) 463-9866 for an electrical evaluation and outlet installation so that you know the addition will be functional and safe. A Circuit Doctor professional will provide you with a price quote, complete the work and leave you with safe and functional outlets that are backed by a full parts and labor warranty.

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