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Are Electric Fireplaces A Reliable Heat Source

As winter nears, many Waldorf homeowners are looking for creative options for heating their homes. And one of the latest choices is the addition of an electric fireplace. But consumers want to know more about these fixtures and what the pros are saying about them before they opt to install an electric fireplace in their home. So we have gathered all the essential information for you to review when deciding if an electric fireplace is the right choice for your home this winter.

The Benefits Of Going Electric

Sure, many traditionalists say it is only a fireplace when there is a real fire burning wood. But if you can wrap your head around the electric version, there are many benefits to be enjoyed, including:

  • Instant Heat And Beauty – All you need to do is flip a switch, and you can enjoy warmth and entertainment from an electric fireplace. There is no need to trudge outdoors to retrieve wood or wait for that tiny spark to finally ignite the pile of wood you hauled inside.
  • Instant Off For The Ultimate Safety – When you are done enjoying the fireplace, turn it off, and it is cooled and safe in a matter of seconds. There are never worries of a popping ember escaping to start a fire or smoke filling the house after you are fast asleep.
  • No Messy Clean Up – A natural fireplace is great until it comes time to clean out the ash and remains of that crusty log that would not burn. But when you have an electric fireplace, the clean-up is about as easy as dusting the unit and maybe wiping away a few fingerprints from the glass face.
  • Affordable To Operate – If you have gone shopping for affordable wood lately, you know that it does not exist. However, plug in your electric fireplace and know that it runs on pennies compared to the cost of wood. The national estimate is eighteen cents per hour on average to enjoy this fireplace.

Installation Options

Unlike a traditional wood-burning fireplace, you have plenty of choices for installations with an electric fireplace. Sure, you can place an electric insert into your existing fireplace or opt for a wall mount in any room you choose. What a great way to add ambiance to the dining room or bedroom without a major construction project. All you need is an outlet to enjoy added heat and beauty. Of course, there is also the option to reach out to your favorite electrician to have the unit hard wired to your home’s electrical system if an outlet is not to your liking.

Electric Fireplace Safety

Safety should always be your primary concern. And when it comes to safety using an electric fireplace, the manufacturers have added many features. From automatic shut-off timers to tip-over shut-off safety features, these units bring many built-in features. The only thing homeowners need to know is that an electric fireplace cannot be plugged into an extension cord. Instead, these devices must be plugged directly into an outlet. If you do not have an outlet where you want the fireplace, call your licensed electrician for a fast, professional outlet installation.

A Creative Heat Option

If you are looking for a creative and cost-effective way to heat that man cave or she-shack, an electric fireplace can do the job. All you need to do is have the electrical outlet in place, and you are ready to warm the space cost-effectively.

Call (703) 463-9866 for assistance adding an outlet, installing an electric fireplace, and for all your electrical needs. The licensed electricians at Circuit Doctors are ready to get the job done affordably and code.

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