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Important Safety Tips To Avoid Electrical Fires

With over 25,000 electrical fires in homes across the United States each year, it is essential that every homeowner understand some basic electrical safety tips to prevent electrical fires in their homes. Some of the information can seem very basic or even common sense. But it is shocking how many times each year, an electrical house fire is caused by these issues that could have been avoided. So please read these simple tips and share them with everyone in the household to prevent a life-threatening fire in your Waldorf home.

Never Overload Electrical Outlets

Each standard outlet in your home is only designed to power two items. When you start adding power strips and other devices designed to add more plug space, you are definitely going to overload the outlet and its electrical wiring. This overload can easily result in an electrical fire when the wires overheat and begin to burn the insulation that surrounds them. If you do not have enough outlets in a room or your home, do not resort to hazardous power strips or extension cords. Instead, call a licensed electrician to install more outlets and complete any safety upgrades needed to ensure that you are not overloading the circuits or wiring in your home.

Only GFCI Outlets In Moist Areas

Most homes have GFCI outlets in potentially moist spaces like the bathrooms and kitchen. These are the outlets with the red button in the center that is a reset button. GFCI outlets are now required by electrical code for added safety in any area that could experience moisture. So you might also have them in the laundry room, basement, or outdoors. The purpose of these upgraded outlets is to protect you and your loved ones from a potential electric shock in the presence of water. The outlet breaker trips and prevents you from a severe shock or damage to your home’s electrical system. Make sure that you have correctly functioning GFCI outlets in all the moist areas of your home for added safety.

Keep Flammable Items Away From Outlets And Electrical Cords

When electrical outlets and cords are working correctly, they are designed to dissipate a small amount of heat. The amount is so insignificant that you are not likely to notice it. However, as those cords and plugs age, they can begin to give off more heat. And if there are flammable things like curtains or blankets over the outlet or cord, you could be facing an electrical house fire. It is also important to remember that paper items are very flammable. So be careful about stacking magazines or books too near an outlet or laying them on top of an electrical cord.

Unplug Small Devices When Not In Use

Most homes have dozens of items plugged into outlets at any given time. The array can range from hair dryers and styling items to a toaster oven or fan. And most of them are relatively inexpensive. While all electrical cords and plugs must meet specific standards, these affordable items use the most cost-effective components possible. And they tend to wear out and fail more often than you might think. The issue arises when the thing is left plugged in constantly and builds up enough heat to start an electrical fire. The safe way to enjoy all of these time-saving tools is to use them and then be sure they are unplugged before you leave the room. It is the best way to protect your home.

For more information about preventing electrical fires or for an electrical repair, call (703) 463-9866. The Circuit Doctors pros have many suggestions they are eager to share with the community.

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