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4 Tips To Create A Perfect Home Theater

Many homeowners are looking for ways to increase the value and enjoyment of their homes after the last few years of limited access to many activities. One of the most popular and missed activities for many families was a trip to the movie theater. So creating a home theater has become quite a popular project. But without a bit of help from some professionals, the results are going to be B-rated at best. So our pros have come together to create a list of 4 essential tips to keep in mind when you embark on creating your home theater.

Location, Location, Location

When considering a home theater, it could mean juggling a few other spaces to have the ideal setting for your big screen. Before selecting the room, be sure to consider all of the following criteria carefully:

  • The size and space in the room
  • The potential seating capacity
  • Is the ceiling high enough to accommodate the screen
  • Are you thinking about including a projector
  • Can you block incoming light or create a blackout effect
  • Will sound be an issue in the surrounding rooms

Think About Theater Lighting

Don’t just imagine the dark room you want while the movie is playing. Think about the fade out of the lighting in a theater. You should consider a dimmer for the lighting to allow for some ambient light if someone enters or exits the room. You might also want to add fun lighting on the walls to mimic the look of a candy counter and include small lights to illuminate when refilling drinks or snacks during the show. 

Invest In A Quality Sound System

A great home theater is going to rock the room with sound. Check out the different options for sound systems and installation. Be sure you are considering:

  • Surround sound with main left and right speakers
  • A central speaker
  • Evaluate the height and size of the speakers as compared to the space available
  • Don’t forget the subwoofer

The Pro You Need To Know

Your electrician will be a tremendous asset when it comes to planning and installing all the features of your home theater. You might not know about the special wiring requirements for surround sound or how to get the speakers and necessary wiring to the appropriate locations. But your licensed electrician is sure to have all the answers.

Other considerations regarding the wiring and electrical setup should include:

  • Dedicated electrical circuits for the home theater devices
  • Integration of Smart devices for lighting
  • Added power outlets for future expansion
  • Power outlets on the floor to accommodate reclining theater seating
  • Integration of cable service, home Wi-Fi, a computer for casting, or connectivity for a Smart television

While this all sounds like a lot to coordinate, it is all in a day’s work for the licensed electricians at Circuit Doctors. So call (703) 463-9866 to schedule an appointment to discuss all of your ideas and hopes for your new theater system and how our experts can help you turn that dream into a reality.

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