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Smart And Fun Ways To Reduce Your Electric Bill This Winter

During the winter months, many homeowners in Waldorf face a bit of a battle with their household budgets. It can be hard to keep winter utility bills under control while keeping the house warm and cozy. However, when you set out to discover some creative ways to reduce your electric bill, you might find that it is easier than you expected. And it might even be a worthwhile project that the entire family can take on to have some fun while learning to live more energy-efficiently.

Let The Sunshine In

We all seem to be pre-programmed during the winter to close the curtains and blinds to keep the house warm. And that is perfect for the cold winter nights. However, if you are not opening the window treatments during the sunny warm days, you are giving up an opportunity for some free heat. So once the sun is up, be sure to open the blinds and let that radiant heat warm your home. But be sure to keep track of the sun’s movement to close the blinds after the warming rays have passed.

If you have small children in the house, this can be a fun game. First, point out the warming value of the sunlight and let them feel how nicely it warms the windows of your home. Then touch a window in the shade and let them experience the chilling difference. 

Cooking Up Some Fun

Another great family project that will warm the house is baking. The winter months are the perfect time to take advantage of indoor togetherness to create some quality family time and added heat in your home. Baking cookies or preparing a dinner that involves baking will add residual heat to your house while you get everyone involved in making dinner or a special treat.

Go Vampire Hunting

Kids can make almost anything a game. And this game can offer some real-life learning experiences. Energy vampires are all the devices in your home that steal power, even when you think they are turned off. It could be a television in the guest room and its cable box, a toaster oven and air fryer combo with a clock display, or a tablet charger stealing power and your money.

The first step is to understand and teach children what these little vampires are and how they cost you money. Any device that:

  • Is operated with a remote
  • Has an always-on display
  • Has an always-on clock
  • Is a charger with a brick or large square portion
  • Any device that is plugged into a charger but has a full charge

All of these items are wasting power and need to be unplugged to stop them from draining energy and your wallet. Make a game of going through the house to eliminate the vampires and save money on the electric bill. Keep score to see who can be the biggest vampire slayer.

To learn more about reducing your winter electric bill, call (703) 463-9866 to speak to Circuit Doctors experts.

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