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Reduce Your Company’s Energy Footprint and Save Money With These 8 Tips

Nowadays, when prices of just about everything are going up, it’s time to look for savings wherever they can be found. Reducing energy bills for your company can be quite illuminating!

1. Change the Lightbulbs

This is one of the easiest things to do. Just change the lightbulbs. Instead of waiting for the incandescent bulbs to burn out before you change them, switch them now. Using an LED bulb requires far less electricity.

2. Turn Off the Lights

Turn off the lights in rooms that are not being used. Restrooms, break rooms and conference rooms are rarely used all the time. If employees can’t remember to turn them off, install sensor lights that will turn on when the door opens and turn off when it closes.

3. Energy-Efficient Office Equipment

If it’s time for a new refrigerator in the break room, look for one that has an Energy Star rating. This applies to rented or purchased equipment. These electronics use far less energy.

4. Program the Thermostats

Program the thermostats to either turn off or change the temperature at night. There is no reason to keep the office toasty warm or refreshingly chilly all night. Of course, if it’s freezing at night, you want the heat on enough to keep the pipes from freezing.

5. Turn It Off

Turn off office equipment that is not being used. Computers, printers and coffee makers use power even when no one is using them. Try plugging the computer and peripherals into a power strip that can be turned off with the flip of one switch instead of five. If you need the computers all day, turn them off when everyone goes home.

6. Maintain the HVAC System

Set up a maintenance schedule with Circuit Doctors to keep your HVAC equipment in good working order. When the HVAC system is maintained properly, it doesn’t have to work so hard, which lowers your energy cost.

7. Get an Energy Audit

Contact your local utility company, and ask for an energy audit. Many companies provide them at no charge. The auditor will look for air leaks and inspect the appliances. He or she will show you exactly where you could save money and how to do it.

8. Use Your Windows

If you have windows that let in natural light, use them to their best advantage. Think about situating desks to take advantage of this light, and use it instead of desk lamps for a short while.

Saving money on energy not only helps your company’s bottom line, but it also decreases your energy footprint. Reach out to us today for advice on becoming a more energy-efficient company. We are knowledgeable about the latest technology and ways to save money.

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