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4 Big Reasons to Add Ceiling Fans to Your Home

Ceiling fans come in so many sizes and designs that it’s easy to find one that fits your living room, bedroom, any other room where you’d like to have one. The fan hangs from the ceiling and has large blades that circulate air to keep you cool. Looking at the most common benefits of ceiling fans can help you decide whether to install one or more in your Waldorf, MD home.

Stay Comfy

One of the top benefits of installing a new ceiling fan is that it helps you stay comfy. Waldorf winters can get quite cold, but you can set the fan to move the blades clockwise to pull warm air up to circulate throughout the room. When you set the blades to spin counterclockwise in summer, the ceiling fan will force air down from the ceiling to make you feel cooler. This helps you manage the warm Waldorf summers. The high temperature in July, usually the hottest month, averages 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and the record high, 104 degrees, was recorded one September.

Cut Down on Heating and Cooling Bills

Proper ceiling fan installation helps you keep your Waldorf, MD home at the right temperature without using your HVAC system. While that system helps you control the temperature, it can cost a lot to run. Maryland homeowners pay more than $120 a month for their electricity on average. You also risk using the system too much and causing it to suffer damage or break down, which will cost a lot to fix. No matter what the temperature is outside, the ceiling fan helps you regulate the comfort level inside without spending tons on heating and cooling bills.

Enjoy Better Lighting

Ceiling fans are available with and without lights. Those that have lights are great for rooms where you need more light. Many designs have a glass globe in the center with a single light or multiple lights underneath. Waldorf gets dark early once winter starts, so you’ll love the extra light. A good electrician can install the fan and give you the light that you need, even if that room already has an overhead light.

Decorate Your Home

Another fun benefit of installing a ceiling fan is that it helps you decorate your home and create a look you love. These fans come in both traditional and modern styles. You might snag a fan with white blades for your kitchen or bathroom and one with blades shaped like crayons for your child’s room. It’s easy to find a design that suits your home and personality.

Installing a ceiling fan takes some work to prevent accidents and keep your electrical system safe. At Circuit Doctor in Waldorf, MD, we can install any type of ceiling fan in any room. Call today to reach a qualified electrician who can handle your fan installation.

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