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7 Electrical Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids This Spring

Spring is a great time to give your kids a refresher course about the electrical safety tips they should keep in mind. As the days get longer and warmer and they spend more time outside, the chances that children will encounter a situation in which electricity is involved increases; you want to be sure that they will know what to do. Here are seven important safety tips about electricity that you should teach your kids this spring.

1. Don’t Fly Kites Near Power Lines

Springtime in Waldorf, MD often has perfect kite-flying weather, enticing plenty of kids to fly their creations in parks and other open areas. It’s important for them to remember that they should never fly kites near power lines or power poles, however. Electricity can travel quickly down a kite string, potentially causing severe injuries.

2. Keep Drones Away From Power Lines

Many drones on the market for recreational flying are large enough and strong enough to cause considerable damage if they hit the wrong thing. A flying drone hitting a power line or a power pole can cause numerous problems, including creating a power outage, blowing a transformer, or causing a live power line to fall to the ground. All of these issues can be extremely hazardous to anyone in the area.

3. Do Not Enter Fenced Substations

Electrical substations are protected by fences because they are very dangerous to anybody who gets near them. Only trained electricians have the knowledge needed to navigate substations safely, and they are the only ones who should enter the fenced-in area. If something needs to be retrieved from inside the fence line, like a ball or a toy, call the electrical company for assistance.

4. Do Not Play on Transformer Boxes

While these large green boxes may look like a great place to have a rest off of the ground, they are very dangerous and are marked with warnings for you to stay away. Electricity travels at roughly 186,000 miles per second, so there is almost no chance of avoiding a potential shock.

5. Do Not Climb Trees Near Power Lines

Many people do not realize that live tree limbs can conduct electricity. Because electricity can travel through a power line to a tree limb, trees near power lines should never be climbed. Trained electricians will trim any limbs that are close to a power line back to a safe distance to prevent electricity from electrifying the tree.

6. Keep Electrical Equipment Away From Water

Electricity and water are a dangerous combination, so any electrical item that is plugged in should be kept away from water. If an electrical device is damaged by water while it is not plugged in, you should not plug it in after it is dry either.

7. Do Not Put Anything but Plugs in Electrical Outlets

One of the biggest electrical hazards to kids is shocks received from placing foreign objects into electrical outlets. Many household items conduct electricity, and the shock received from an outlet can cause serious harm. Only plugs and outlet covers should ever be placed into an outlet.

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Many electrical dangers can be avoided if you teach your kids what to look for and what to do in these situations. Knowing the basics of electrical safety will minimize the chances of an electricity-related accident. Here at Circuit Doctor, safety is our top priority. We have spent the last two-and-a-half decades helping the residents of Maryland and Virginia with a wide range of electrical issues. For more information or to schedule a home inspection, contact us today!

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