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A Homeowner’s Basic Guide to an Electrical Panel Box

man throwing circuit breaker

There are many big components that come along with your home, such as your HVAC system and your plumbing network. At the center of it all is a basic electrical panel box. Understanding the components that make up your panel box and how they function to provide power for your house is an absolute necessity. […]

6 Generator Problems That Mean You Need a Replacement

generator on concrete pad.

A generator allows you to run your electronics, lights, and appliances, depending on your needs. There isn’t a general time frame for replacing your generator, but there are factors to watch. Here are some warning signs and issues that you might notice as your generator ages. 1. Faltering Appliances Your appliances and lights should run […]

Don’t Get Zapped: What You Need to Know About Multi-Socket Extension Cords

Toddler playing with plug

Extension cords offer a convenient solution for powering electrical devices. However, if used carelessly, they can pose a significant risk to personal safety and property by igniting fires. Taking safety measures while using extension cords is essential to avoid any potential danger. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your home remains safe and secure […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Generator Running During Winter

Horizontal photo of female hand inserting power cord receptacle into electric wall outlet

A loss of heat and electricity during winter poses a severe risk to homeowners and business owners alike. You can use a generator to heat your home, to protect perishables from spoiling due to a lack of refrigeration, or to keep electrically powered machinery working at your place of business during a winter power outage. […]