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An Overloaded Circuit: Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

The charger of the mobile phone caught fire in the socket. Fire safety concept when using charger and wires.

Overloading circuits can create a serious safety hazard for your family and home. You risk damaging appliances and expensive electronics while also increasing the chances of your house catching fire. It’s essential to know the signs of an overloaded circuit so that you can take action to keep your family and home safe. Common symptoms […]

4 Electrical Tips to Use When Home Shopping

The hands of an electrician installing a power switch

The real estate market in Waldorf, MD is so hot that you might feel tempted to put in an offer and skip the inspection process. An inspection allows you to find out about potential problems you might miss and ensure that you know how much it will cost to fix those issues. Circuit Doctor can […]

5 Tips for Preparing for a Power Outage

Residential standby generator on a concrete pad

Waldorf, Maryland is known for its friendly and small-town atmosphere, but it is also known for tornadoes, massive thunderstorms, and floods. The summertime is when such storms are most prevalent. When these storms hit, power outages sometimes occur. These power outages can last for only a few minutes to a couple of hours, but other […]

4 Common Electrical Issues in Old Houses

Professional electrician, installing sockets at home

Old houses are known to have outdated features, which include the plumbing system and the fixtures that are in place. The electrical system is another feature that can be several decades old, which can lead to plenty of issues over the years. If you own an old home in Waldorf, Maryland, there are a few […]

Common Electrical Questions That Homeowners Have

smiling handsome electrician repairing electrical box with pliers in corridor and looking at camera

With many young couples buying homes and settling down in the suburban Waldorf community, many are learning what it’s like to be a first-time homeowner. No longer can you rely on your landlord to handle repairs and upgrades to your home. Now, you need to be proactive in understanding your home’s systems, like your electrical […]

4 Tips for Protecting Your Electronics During a Storm

Storm is coming

Everyone loves the arrival of spring and summer, but you also know that these seasons come with the threat of storms. This is especially true in the Waldorf, MD area, which is prone to severe thunderstorms and other weather events during the summer months. Each year, thousands of fires across the U.S. can be attributed […]

Why Electrical Maintenance Should Be on Your Spring Checklist

The hands of an electrician installing a power switch to the electrical junction box

Warmer weather and longer days make spring an excellent time to keep up with home maintenance. Besides spring cleaning, electrical maintenance is another important task you should add to your spring to-do-list. Here are some reasons why it’s crucial to include electrical maintenance on your spring checklist. Reduce Energy Costs If your electricity bill is […]

4 Big Reasons to Add Ceiling Fans to Your Home

Open and airy bonus room game room in a new construction house with a dark wood ceiling fan, a window and blinds

Ceiling fans come in so many sizes and designs that it’s easy to find one that fits your living room, bedroom, any other room where you’d like to have one. The fan hangs from the ceiling and has large blades that circulate air to keep you cool. Looking at the most common benefits of ceiling […]

7 Electrical Safety Tips to Teach Your Kids This Spring

Joyful little cute child baby girl in denim dress walking, play with colorful kite and have fun in green park

Spring is a great time to give your kids a refresher course about the electrical safety tips they should keep in mind. As the days get longer and warmer and they spend more time outside, the chances that children will encounter a situation in which electricity is involved increases; you want to be sure that […]

Baby Proof Your Home’s Electrical Appliances With These Tips

Hand Of A Child Switching On Stove Controls

As the parent of a baby, your priority is ensuring they are safe. One of the primary things you want to pay attention to is all the electrical appliances around your Waldorf, MD area home. Consider which appliances pose a hazard, and follow these four tips for maximizing your home’s safety. Then head to Lowe’s […]